ScholarOne Manuscripts投稿系统支持文件类型 文件转换失败

ScholarOne Manuscripts 支持以下文件类型的上传和转换:

Document Files: .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, .doc; .htm; .ppt; .pdf; .rtf; .tex; .txt; .wpd; xls

Image Files: .ai (PDF types only. Post-script types not supported); .cgm; .dcx; .dib; .dicom; .epdf; .epi; .eps, eps2; .espf; .epsi; .fig; .fits; .fpx; .gif; .hpgl; .jpg; .jpeg; .ico; .mng; .pbm; .pcd; .pcds; .pcx; .pgm; .ppm; .png; .pnm; , .ps, .ps2; .sun; .tga; .tif; .vicar; .vid; .viff; .xbm; .xpm; .xwd

Follow the checklists below to ensure that your files will properly convert to HTML and PDF:

  • File names do not include special characters (non ASCII)
  • File names are less than 200 characters long
  • File names follow the format “name.extension”, i.e. “mymanuscript.doc”


  • Embed fonts
  • Remove macros
  • Remove local hyperlinks
  • Embed Images and verify there are less than 100 embedded images in the file
  • Remove Field Codes (placeholders in Microsoft Word for data that might change in a document)
  • Verify your spreadsheet files only have single tab


  • Remove thumbnails from image files
  • Verify your images are in single, flattened layer (e.g. no multi-pages TIFs)

For more information on uploading files, including troubleshooting common issues, view our Author File Upload Guide.

For more information on uploading LaTeX files, view our Author LaTeX File Upload Guide


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