PNAS投稿手稿模板 Manuscript templates for research article

PNAS Template for Main Manuscript


This PNAS template for the Main Manuscript may be used to organize your main text source file. The template is intended to provide a clearly organized PDF to facilitate the review process. Further information is available in our Author Center.


Using the template

Paste the appropriate text from your manuscript into the relevant section of the template. You may maintain the template formatting, or reapply styles after pasting your text into the template.


Figures should be placed on separate pages with legends set immediately below each figure. Table titles should be set immediately above each table. Please do not use field codes for figures and tables to ensure the numbering is correct after the PDF conversion.


References cited in the main text should be included in a separate reference list at the end of this file. Examples of the PNAS citation style are included below.


Notes about submission

The following items are required on the title page: Title, Author Line, Author Affiliations, Corresponding Author information. Each of these items must be provided on the title page for us to proceed with processing your paper.


You are not required to adhere to the section order outlined below. For example, you may combine your Results and Discussion or use alternate section headings. Materials and Methods should be included after the Results and Discussion in most cases. If your paper does not include the standard section headings, please provide a brief explanation in the Comments to Editorial Staff field of the submission form.


You may include subheadings within the standard headings listed below. You may also include line numbers.


Submitting your main manuscript

Delete this first page, and then save your completed main text file as a PDF for submission, following instructions available here.


Updated February 2022




Main Manuscript for

Paste manuscript title here.


Paste the full author list here. Please note that author names should be listed in first name, last name format, e.g., John A. Smith.

Paste the full affiliation list here.

*Paste corresponding author name(s) here.


PNAS strongly encourages authors to supply an ORCID identifier for each author. Do not include ORCIDs in the manuscript file; individual authors must link their ORCID account to their PNAS account at For proper authentication, authors must provide their ORCID at submission and are not permitted to add ORCIDs on proofs.

Author Contributions: Paste the author contributions here.

Competing Interest Statement: Disclose any competing interests here.

Classification: Paste the major and minor classification here. Dual classifications are permitted, but cannot be within the same major classification.

Keywords: Paste the keywords here. There should be at least three and no more than five.


This PDF file includes:

Main Text

Figures 1 to X

Tables 1 to X


Paste your abstract here. Please note it may not exceed 250 words. It may include up to three cited (non-numerical) references.

Significance Statement

Paste your significance statement here. Please note that it should not exceed 120 words, but should be at least 50 words in length. It should not include any references.



Main Text




Paste your introduction here.





Paste your results here.





Paste your discussion here.



Materials and Methods


Paste your materials and methods section here.





Paste your acknowledgments here.





Paste your main manuscript references here. They should be listed in order of citation.


Example References:



  1. -M. Neuhaus, L. Sticher, F. Meins, Jr., T. Boller, A short C-terminal sequence is necessary and sufficient for the targeting of chitinases to the plant vacuole. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 88, 10362–10366 (1991).
  2. van Sebille, M. Doblin, Data from “Drift in ocean currents impacts intergenerational microbial exposure to temperature.” Figshare. Available at Deposited 15 April 2016.
  3. V. S. Hill, “HLA associations with malaria in Africa: Some implications for MHC evolution” in Molecular Evolution of the Major Histocompatibility Complex, J. Klein, D. Klein, Eds. (Springer, 1991), pp. 403–420.



Figures and Tables


Figure 1. Type or paste legend here.  Paste figure above the legend.


<insert page break here>



Figure 2. Type or paste legend here.  Paste figure above the legend.


<insert page break here>



Table 1. Type or paste table title here. Paste table below the title.


<insert page break here>



Table 2. Type or paste table title here. Paste table below the title.




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