当你按下 “提交 “按钮后,你的稿件究竟会发生什么,有一种神秘的感觉。稿件似乎进入了网络空间,而你却只能在那里等待。如今,如果你通过在线投稿系统向期刊投稿,你可以在一定程度上跟踪其进展,因为你通常可以看到它处于什么阶段。然而,这些阶段的名称似乎相当模糊,几乎比没有信息更糟糕。因此,让我们来翻译一下它们。有许多不同的投稿系统,稿件在同行评议中所经历的阶段也因系统不同而不同(事实上,期刊也不同),所以在这篇文章中,我们将介绍最常见的投稿网站的最常见阶段。ScholarOne(原名Manuscript Central)。

First Steps

Initially your manuscript will go through stages such as “Awaiting Admin Checklist” and/or “Awaiting Editor Assignment” depending on how new submissions are initially checked on the journal. These stages tend to be moved through fairly swiftly as they are just the editorial team checking that your submission is suitable for peer review and then deciding which of the editors will be responsible for it during the process.

Awaiting Reviewer Selection

This is the first stage of the peer-review process and your manuscript will be here until the assigned Editor has selected some suitable experts to invite to review.

Once enough reviewers have been selected, the manuscript will move on to the next stage. If only one reviewer agrees to review and all the others decline the invitation, however, your manuscript may well return to this stage while the Editor selects more. So if you log in to check on progress several weeks after submission and find your manuscript at this stage, it doesn’t necessarily mean that no action has been taken.

Awaiting Reviewer Invitation

This means that potential reviewers have been selected, but have yet to be invited. Manuscripts quite often return to this stage if not enough of the invited reviewers accepted the invitation so further invitations need to be sent. It’s quite common for editors to select a lot of reviewers, but only invite a few at a time.

Awaiting Reviewer Assignment

This rather ambiguous stage is when reviewers have been invited, but we are waiting for the required number to agree to review. In other words, at this point, the ball is squarely in the reviewers’ court!

In an ideal world, enough of the invited reviewers will agree to review and your manuscript will move on to the next stage. In reality, however, it is quite normal for invited reviewers to be unavailable and for your manuscript to return to one of the earlier stages a couple of times.

Awaiting Reviewer Scores

This is the stage that the editorial team will be striving to get your manuscript to as swiftly as possible. If your manuscript is at this stage, then enough experts have agreed to read and evaluate it and we just need to wait for the reviewers to return their comments so that a decision can be taken.

一旦通过这个阶段,你的稿件将进入一个阶段,如 “Awaiting Recommendation” and/or “Awaiting Decision”, 一般来说,很快就会有决定。



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