copGFP Fluorescent Protein-copGFP荧光蛋白介绍


copGFP标记物是一种来自桡足类动物(Pontellina sp.)的新型天然绿色单体GFP样蛋白。copGFP蛋白是一种无毒、无聚集的蛋白,具有快速的蛋白成熟度,在广泛的pH值(pH4-12)范围内具有高稳定性,并且不需要任何额外的辅助因子或底物。copGFP蛋白具有非常明亮的荧光,至少超过广泛使用的Aequorea victoria GFP突变体EGFP亮度的1.3倍。copGFP蛋白发出的绿色荧光具有以下特点:
发射波长emission wavelength max – 502 nm;
激发波长excitation wavelength max – 482 nm;
quantum yield – 0.6;
extinction coefficient – 70,000 M-1 cm-1
Due to its exceptional properties, copGFP is an excellent fluorescent marker which can be used instead of EGFP。

* Brightness is a product of extinction coefficient and quantum yield, divided by 1000.
Molecular weight, kDa 26
Fluorescence color green
Excitation maximum, nm 482
Emission maximum, nm 502
Quantum yield 0.60
Extinction coefficient, M-1cm-1 70000
Brightness* 42.0
Brightness, % of EGFP 126
pKa 4.3
Structure tetramer
Aggregation yes
Maturation rate at 37°C super fast
Photostability high
Cell toxicity not observed


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