Applications to edit text, I suggest the open-source editors


  • Atom – Hackable text editor for the 21st century made by GitHub. Atom Plugins.
  • Bear Writer – Beautiful, flexible writing app for crafting notes and prose. 
  • Bootstrap Studio – A powerful desktop app for creating responsive websites using the Bootstrap framework.
  • Brackets – A modern, open source text editor that understands web design.  
  • Chocolat – Native text editor.
  • Coda2 – Fast, clean and powerful text editor.
  • CotEditor – Lightweight plain-text editor for macOS.  
  • Emacs – A popular text editor used mainly on Unix-based systems by programmers, scientists, engineers, students, and system administrators.   
  • LightTable – The next generation code editor.  
  • micro – Modern and intuitive terminal-based text editor.  
  • Nova – Modern, extensible text editor, by the makers of Coda.
  • ONI – IDE powered by Neovim. 
  • Sublime Text – Sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose. You’ll love the slick user interface, extraordinary features and amazing performance, Sublime Text Plugins. 
  • TextMate – Editor that brings Apple’s approach to operating systems into the world of text editors. 
  • Vim – Highly configurable text editor built to make creating and changing any kind of text very efficient, Vim Plugins. 
  • Vimr – Refined Vim Experience for OS X. 


  • LibreOffice – LibreOffice is free and open-source software office software. Software is tested and used daily by a large and devoted user community. 
  • WPS – Is a cross-platform office software suite.
  • Pages Documents that stand apart. 
  • Keynote Build stunning presentations. 
  • Numbers Create impressive spreadsheets.
  • Microsoft Office Unmistakably Office, designed for Mac. 
  • SoftMaker Office A complete office suite that aims for full compatibility with Microsoft Office documents

Markdown Tools

  • EME – Open-source Markdown editor with an interface like Chrome. 
  • iA Writer – Writing app with an emphasis on simplicity and design.
  • LightPaper – Simple, beautiful, yet powerful text editor for your Mac.
  • MacDown – Open-source Markdown editor for OS X.  
  • Marked 2 – This is the Markdown preview with an elegant and powerful set of tools for all writers.
  • MarkText – Next generation markdown editor, running on platforms of MacOS Windows and Linux.  
  • Marp – Markdown presentation writer with cross-platform support.  
  • Marxico – Delicate Markdown editor for Evernote. Reliable storage and sync.
  • MWeb – Pro Markdown writing, and static blog generator App.
  • TextNut – Rich-format editor featuring Markdown export and Markdown syntax hints. 
  • Typora – Truly minimal Markdown editor featuring seamless live preview. 
  • Ulysses – The Ultimate Writing App for Mac, iPad and iPhone.


  • Agenda – Date-focused note taking app for both planning and documenting your projects. 
  • Boostnote – Note-taking app made for programmers. 
  • Dnote – A simple command line notebook with multi-device sync and a web interface.  
  • Evernote – Infamous note-taking app, available on many platforms. 
  • FSNotes – File System Notes is a modern notes manager, native on macOS and iOS.  
  • Gooba – Writing app and task manager with a simple and interactive design.
  • Inkdrop – Notebook app for Markdown lovers built on top of Electron.
  • Joplin – 跨平台的开源记事本,支持markdown和具有同步功能的todo列表管理器。
  • MarginNote -深入的PDF和EPUB阅读、学习、管理和笔记应用程序。
  • Notable – The markdown-based note-taking app that doesn’t suck.
  • Notebook Note-taking app. 
  • Notes – Clean, simple note-taking app.  
  • Noteship – Turn notes into knowledge (spreadsheet view, heading summaries, etc.). Works offline, everything is saved locally. 
  • Notion -Notion is the all-in-one workspace. From notes, tasks, wikis, to database, Notion is all you need. Works great for teams and individuals.
  • Obsidian – Obsidian是一个强大的知识库,它工作在一个纯文本Markdown文件的本地文件夹之上。
  • OneNote – Note-taking app by Microsoft. 
  • SideNotes – Quick notes on the screen side. Take notes while working with other apps. Use Markdown for text formatting.
  • QOwnNotes – Open-source notepad with markdown support and todo list manager. 
  • Quiver – The Programmer’s Notebook, lets you easily mix text, code, Markdown and LaTeX within one note, edit code with an awesome code editor and live preview Markdown and LaTeX.
  • AliYuQue – 云笔记知识管理、协作平台,基于Markdown写作,支持嵌入式流程图、脑图、时序图、代码渲染、Sketch board创建、个人知识分享等。与有道云笔记和Evernote同类产品相比,它包含了其所有的功能,支持知识共享和更强大的创作、协作和编辑,它来自阿里巴巴蚂蚁金服。


  • Day One – 优秀的日记应用程序,使用文本、照片、视频、音频、位置数据等。
  • Journey – Journaling app with many features and with apps for every platform available. 
  • linked – Link your thoughts to days, distraction free. 


  • Calibre – Free and open-source e-book computer software application suite which runs on multiple platforms, allows users to manage e-book collections as well as create, edit, and read e-books.  
  • Clearview – Tabbed style e-book reader for PDF, EPUB (DRM free), CHM, and MOBI. 
  • iChm – Ebook reader for CHM (Microsoft Compiled HTML help) files.  
  • Kindle App – Amazon official reading app of kindle.
  • Klib – New way to manage highlights for Kindle and iBooks.  
  • Scribus – Professional layout and publishing software supporting EPS and SVG import/export, and PDF support.  
  • Sigil – Multi-platform EPUB ebook Editor. 


  • Leaf – Amazing news reader dedicated to help you enjoy your daily news and easily manage your subscriptions.
  • NetNewsWire – It’s a free and open source feed reader for macOS.
  • ReadKit – Mac read-later client supporting all major providers: Instapaper, Pocket and Readability. Even more, ReadKit is a full-featured RSS reader as well.
  • Reeder 4 – News reader for Feedbin, Feedly, Feed Wrangler and so on. 
  • Vienna – RSS/Atom reader for Mac OS X. 
  • Feedy – An elegant and lightweight RSS client and news reader for your Mac. 


  • bindPDF – Combine multiple PDF files into a single PDF file using a friendly UI.  
  • CHM Reader – Read Compiled HTML (.chm) documents on your Mac. 
  • Chmox – Read CHM documents on your Mac. 
  • PDF Expert – Read, annotate and edit PDFs, change text and images.
  • PDF Reader Pro – You Can view, create, sign, convert and compress any PDF documents. 
  • Skim – PDF reader and note-taker for OS X.  
  • SkyFonts – The simplest way to try, install, and manage fonts.
  • Spillo – Powerful, beautiful and amazingly fast Pinboard client for OS X.
  • Tad – Application for viewing and analyzing tabular data such as CSV files. 
  • texpad – Great LaTeX editor for Mac with auto-update PDF and autocomplete LaTeX commands.



  • Android Studio – The official IDE for Android, based on Intellij IDEA.   
  • CodeRunner – A lightweight, multi-language programming text editor and IDE for quickly building, running and debugging code.
  • Deco IDE – The best IDE for building React Native apps.  
  • Eclipse – Popular open-source IDE, mainly for Java but with plugin support for a wide array of languages and platforms.  
  • Espresso – The web editor for Mac is back. For people who make delightful, innovative and fast websites.
  • JetBrains Toolbox App – Manage installed JetBrains tools, download new ones and open recent projects. 
    • AppCode – Smart IDE for iOS/macOS development
    • CLion – Powerful C and C++ IDE. (Free for Students)
    • DataGrip – Cross-Plaform IDE for Databases and SQL. FREE for Students, check here for more info.
    • DataSpell – The IDE for Professional Data Scientists
    • GoLand – Provides ergonomic environment for Go development.
    • IntelliJ IDEA – Powerful IDE for JVM languages. (Free for Students)
    • PyCharm – Powerful Python IDE, which has professional version and community version.
    • Rider – Cross-Platform C# IDE. It is an alternative to Visual Studio by Microsoft with the additional benefit of getting Resharper features that are not available on Visual Studio for Mac.
    • WebStorm – The smartest JavaScript IDE by JetBrains. FREE for Students, check here for more info.
  • Haskell for Mac – A Modern Development Environment for Haskell. 
  • NetBeans IDE – Free and open-source IDE, mainly used for Java development, but supports many other languages and frameworks. 
  • Nova – From the creators of Coda and Transmit, bring you a beautiful, fast, flexible, native Mac code editor from Panic.
  • Visual Studio Community for Mac  Free version. It supports classroom learning, individual developers and small companies. 
  • Visual Studio Code – Microsoft’s free & open-source editor, TypeScript friendly, VSCode Plugins.  
  • Xamarin Studio – Free cross platform C# IDE. Xamarin Studio supports iOS, Android and .Net development 
  • Xcode – Essential IDE for iOS/macOS development. 
  • Spyder – Powerful scientific environment written in Python, for Python.


  • BetterRename – The most powerful and complete Mac file renaming application on the market. 
  • Beyond Compare – 使用简单而强大的命令来比较文件和文件夹,这些命令专注于你感兴趣的差异,而忽略那些你不感兴趣的差异。
  • Bidbar – Manage bash commands from the menu bar and run them with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Cacher – Cloud-based, team-enabled code snippet manager with Gist sync, VSCode/Atom/Sublime packages and Mac/Windows/Linux/Web clients.
  • canSnippet – Powerful snippet management tool that works across the whole operating system, always accessible via simple keyboard shortcut.
  • CodeKit – Web development tool which can automatically compile Less, Sass, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Jade and JavaScript, auto-refresh browsers and much more.
  • Conduktor – Kafka desktop client. 
  • Dash – Awesome API documentation browser and code snippet manager.
  • DiffMerge – Application to visually compare and merge files. 
  • EnvPane – OS X preference pane for environment variables. 
  • FinderGo – Open terminal quickly from Finder. 
  • Finicky – Application that allows you to set up rules that decide which browser is opened for every link that would open the default browser.  
  • Gas Mask – Simple hosts file manager for Mac OS X.
  • Gemini – Intelligent duplicate file finder.
  • Hex Fiend – Fast and clever open source hex editor.   
  • Hosts.prefpane – System preference pane to manage your hosts file.
  • iHosts – The only /etc/hosts editor on Mac App Store. 
  • Integrity – Free website link checker for Mac. 
  • Kaleidoscope – Powerful compare tool for text, images and folders. Works perfectly with git, svn or other version control tools.
  • Koala – GUI application for Less, Sass, Compass and CoffeeScript compilation.
  • Loca Studio – Analyze, review, and edit app translations. Supports Xcode Localization Catalog (xcloc) and XLIFF 1.2 file formats. 
  • MacSystemColors – Mac app that shows all system colors in light and dark mode for Cocoa developers. 
  • MJML – Framework that utilizes a semantic syntax and a rich standard components library, which allow users to easily create responsive emails. 
  • PaintCode – PaintCode is a unique vector drawing app that generates Objective-C or Swift code in real time, acting as a bridge between developers and graphic designers.
  • Pasteboard Viewer – Inspect the system pasteboards.
  • PPRows – Application to calculate how many lines of code you write. 
  • PushMate PushMate is a MacOS app that solves common push notification problems by ensuring your push payloads are correct.
  • Responsively – A must-have devtool for web developers for quicker responsive web development. 
  • SCM Breeze – Set of shell scripts (for bash and zsh) that enhance your interaction with git. 
  • SecureCRT – Terminal emulation which supports SSH, Telnet or other protocols.
  • Site Sucker – SiteSucker is a Macintosh application that automatically downloads websites from the Internet. 
  • SnippetsLab – Easy-to-use code snippets manager.
  • Solarized – Clean and beautiful color theme. Works well with iTerm, JetBrains products, Vim etc.
  • StarUML – Powerful UML app.
  • Swiftify – Objective-C to Swift code converter and Xcode & Finder extensions.
  • SwiftPlantUML – Generate and view class diagrams from Xcode for Swift code. 
  • SwitchHosts -用于主机管理和切换的免费和开源的应用程序。
  • SYM – GUI Application to symbolicate iOS crash log. 
  • TeXstudio – 用于创建LaTeX文件的综合写作环境。
  • Timelane – Visually profile your asynchronous code. 
  • Touch Bar Simulator – Use the Touch Bar on any Mac.  
  • Visual Paradigm – All-in-one UML, SysML, BPMN Modeling Platform for Agile, EA TOGAF ADM Process Management.
  • Woodpecker – View iOS app’s Sandbox files, UserDefaults, Keychain items on a Mac. 
  • WWDC – The Mac OS unofficial WWDC app. 
  • Xcodes – Install and switch between multiple versions of Xcode. 
  • zeplin – Collaboration tool for work between designers and developers. 
  • Nib Unlocker – .nib to .xib converter 

MAC 正则表达式编辑器

  • Patterns – Regular expression editor.
  • Regex – Regular expression testing tool with an emphasis on simplicity.
  • RegExRX – Development tool for regular expressions.

API Development and Analysis

  • Cocoa Rest Client – Free, open-source, native Apple OS X app for testing HTTP/REST endpoints. 
  • Insomnia – The most intuitive cross-platform REST API Client.
  • Paw – Advanced HTTP client.
  • Postman – Powerful GUI platform to make your API development faster & easier, from building API requests through testing, documentation and sharing. 
  • Katalon Studio – Simplify API, Web, Mobile Automation Tests Free. Robust. Cross-platform. Automation testers from 160 countries with YouTube channels, GitHub repositories. 


  • Charles – HTTP proxy / HTTP monitor / Reverse Proxy that enables a developer to view all of the HTTP and SSL / HTTPS traffic between their machine and the Internet.
  • James – Open-source proxy tool for checking and mapping requests with http as well as https.  
  • Little Snitch – Network monitor with a world map for visualizing network connections.
  • mitmproxy – 为渗透测试人员和软件开发人员提供互动式拦截HTTP代理。
  • Proxie – HTTP debugging proxy. 
  • Proxyman – Modern and intuitive HTTP debugging proxy for macOS. 
  • Wireshark – The world’s foremost and widely-used network protocol analyzer.  


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